Guest Bathroom Condo Remodel in Madison, WI


These Madison homeowners needed a condominium update to align it with their lifestyle and preferences, distinct from the previous owner’s choices. In addition to the kitchen remodel, their needs encompassed modest updates to the guest bathroom to include new flooring, paint, an updated shower, vanity and countertop.


The guest bathroom saw a stunning transformation of its own. The existing vanity was skillfully painted to harmonize with the kitchen’s color palette. Moreover, it received an upgrade with a new Cambria – Brittanica quartz countertop and fresh lighting, culminating in a unified and polished aesthetic. 

In addition to these enhancements, the bathroom was treated to new floor tile, tub/shower surround tile, shower fixtures (the tub was retained), and a sleek glass shower screen.





The result is a guest bathroom that exudes elegance and cohesion. The skillful painting of the existing vanity, now beautifully coordinated with the kitchen’s color scheme, complements the sophisticated ambiance. The addition of a new quartz countertop and contemporary lighting elevates the overall aesthetic, creating a seamless look throughout. With the amenities, the bathroom now offers both style and functionality, ensuring a luxurious and harmonious experience for all who use it.


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