Garage Addition in Madison, WI Historic Home


Situated in the Nakoma Neighborhood, characterized by homes with typically one small car garage, our clients envisioned an upgrade to a two-car garage. Fortunately, their property backed up to an alley, offering a strategic opportunity to construct a detached two-car garage.

As part of this garage addition project, they also wanted a kitchen remodel.


After conducting a thorough survey, we strategically established the footprint and placement of the new garage, driveway, and sidewalk in relation to the house. In maintaining the architectural integrity of the historic home, we replicated numerous design elements for a seamless integration.


The garage remodel seamlessly blends with the home’s existing architecture, utilizing matching materials and replicating key architectural details. This sensitive approach preserves the historical integrity of the Nakoma Neighborhood, while the addition of a 2-car garage provides much-needed convenience. The result is a harmonious fusion of modern functionality and classic charm, transforming everyday life for the homeowners.

Garage Addition

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