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Light and Bright

A couple turns a little-used breezeway in a 1940’s Madison abode into a stunning, airy, three-season getaway.

By Shayna Mace | Photos by John Urban/Sweeney Construction Corporation

HOMEOWNERS TODAY want whole-home functionality—not rooms that get little use or attention. Which is exactly what Madison homeowners Jt and Claude Covelli were seeking in their history-tinged home in the Orchard Ridge neighborhood. The home had a narrow screened-in breezeway that connected the farmhouse-style house to the garage, but the couple found they had little use for it because of its rectangular layout—and they could never use it during cooler months. “There was no part you could be where people weren’t coming through. There was a flat roof with a porch above it and we never used that. It became evident that we could have something that would suit our needs if we were going to stay here, so we started looking. We wanted something more usable than a screened porch,” says Jt Covelli. Read more…

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