Dreaming Up a Garden Shed Addition in Stonefield Madison, WI


With an itching green thumb, this homeowner dreamed up a garden shed addition to store her gardening essentials—one that would be convenient to access and made to fit her expansive garden.


Maintaining the setback distances suggested by the building department, Sweeney built a garden shed addition that matched the color and architectural detail of the home. It was placed within 10 ft of the rear property line and 15 ft from the side-lot line to provide functional access to the shed, and built parallel to the fence. Looking at the landscape, the shed was also strategically placed on level ground, away from water collection points, and low branches.


An amazing, perfectly functional garden shed addition was designed and built to serve as a place to store garden tools and equipment, protecting items from weather and damage and freeing up space in the garage.

“Tim Sweeney is professional, kind, hard-working and a man of integrity. He and his staff do an amazing job and I would recommend them to anyone!”

—Kim K.

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