Madison, WI, May, 2023 – The folks at Sweeney Design Remodel are proud to become a sponsor of the 100 Men of Dane County, a non-profit that provides grants to select organizations proven to help youth in Dane County overcome adversity, and reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

“We are  happy to be a sponsor,” smiles Tim Sweeney, President. “I’m joining a group of philanthropists who have a singular goal: to do our part in making the world a better place for the children of Dane County. For the past five years they have donated nearly two million dollars to local organizations including the Goodman Community Center, Little John’s Kitchen, and Operation Fresh Start, and Sweeney Design Remodel can’t wait to contribute!”

With 100% of every dollar donated going to 501c3 organizations throughout Dane County, each group member contributes $1,000 each quarter, set to help a worthy cause. Applications are received and reviewed by the executive board, who chooses from the final three candidates each year to receive the grant money. The next 100 Men of Dane County grant will be awarded this month, with an announcement of the worthy winners to be released soon.  

“Our family-owned and operated business is steeped in values,” adds Tim. “We pride ourselves not only on exceeding our clients expectations with the work we do remodeling their homes, but on providing our Dane County community with volunteer and charity help wherever they are needed. Sponsoring the 100 Men of Dane County is another heartfelt opportunity from all of us at Sweeney Design Build to give back to our wonderful neighbors, friends, and family.” 

About Sweeney Design Remodel

A people-centered business since inception in 1954, Sweeney Design Remodel of Madison, WI believes that remodeling is better when steeped in values. By guiding homeowners through a proprietary design-build process, customers are informed, engaged, and 100% satisfied. Their commitment to transparency and accountability has made Sweeney one of the most trusted names in remodeling, garnering gushing reviews, stunning work, and award-winning design. 

About 100 Men of Dane County

For half a decade, the 100 Men of Dane County provides grants to charities across the county that help our youth on their journey from Survival, to Success, to Significance. The group keeps it simple: the goal is for 100 men to meet quarterly and each pledge $1,000. This translates to $100,000 raised each meeting to give to the charities that win! So far, the group has assembled 92 sponsors, and counting. Visit to learn about the group, the causes it has supported, and make your own satisfying and beneficial contribution to our youth.