Your family spends the most time together in the kitchen — and no room is more private for each of you than the bathroom. What these places have in common is not only their frequent use, but the importance of their functionality: they both need to be practical and comfortable, and in a way that makes spending so much time in them enjoyable.

So when you consider a home renovation, your kitchen and bathroom are great places to start. And when you imagine how to enhance either or both, tile is a proven way to quickly add value, utility, and aesthetics. Durable, easy to clean, and signifying cleanliness, tile can take these spaces to a whole new level — and the pros at Sweeney Design Remodel are eager to help.

The Future of Tile is Now

Fashion ebbs and flows in waves, whether for food, clothing, music, architecture, or home remodeling. What’s trending one year is often out of style the next, forgotten designs returning with a vengeance years and sometimes even decades later. Tile is no exception and now’s an exciting opportunity to remodel your kitchen and bathroom with this surprisingly creative and always intriguing option.

Thanks to recent innovation in printing and manufacturing technology, new patterns, shapes, and textures are available for the first time. Impress your family and friends with the latest approaches to tile: from natural and subdued hues that organically blend into the backdrop, to bold and bodacious colors that make a statement, innovative designs ranging from geometric patterns to natural textures make tile thrilling in 2020 and beyond.

Tile Color Selections

Most experts agree that the ultra-light and ultra-dark tile trends of a couple years ago are evolving into warmer, more natural, and often muted hues in between: soft whites, greys, and blonde-colored tiles for both kitchens and bathrooms are trend-setters for 2020. The near term-future aesthetic is less about strong statements and bold contrasts, and more about blending and contrasting existing furnishing and elements.

That tiling trend toward low-key backdrops doesn’t mean the new tile colors, patterns, and textures are dull. Quite the contrary, stunning shapes take the “natural” look and feel to a whole new level. For example, tiles now emulate and enhance building materials from wood to plastic to glass and metal. Your interior design team at Sweeney will partner with you to choose the creative style that captures each room’s creative essence.

Tile Shapes & Patterns

Tiles are all about shape, a few years ago trending from simple squares into rectangles, parallelograms, hexagons, rhomboids, diamonds, and wild “tessellating” designs that somehow nestled into each other without creating any gaps. But the new year brings tiles that are smooth with matte finishes in bigger sizes, some as large as 2” x 2” and more. Breaking from 90-degree angles, techniques like vertical stacking, herringbone, chevron, and zig-zag layouts add zip!

A revolution in tile textures is also underway, potentially adding entirely new dimensions to your kitchen and bathroom mood. Specialized “3D” printing transforms otherwise flat tiles into brick-like objects that can take on any color, pattern, or texture you like. Natural surfaces like fabrics, glass, wood, and even repeating synthetic objects create either an organic experience or one that feels entirely fanciful or even fantastic

Endless Tile Effects

The latest colors, patterns, and textures are so convincingly precise, that many homeowners blanket their bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes in ways visitors don’t even notice the tiles! Ask your Sweeney Design Build experts for samples of tiles that perfectly match interior brick, stone work, marble, and even artistic surfaces. The effects can be mesmerizing when family and friends gape at surfaces that seem so familiar yet are curiously unique.

Many creative homeowners do the opposite, too: by using grout behind and between pieces, each tile is accentuated and the overall patterns are reinforced. The aesthetic effect can be striking for the eye, as either criss-crossing or mixed-width gaps create their own distinctive patterns, contrasting with the printed and textured elements. Parquet and non-traditional shapes also take on new life with these exciting tile options and trends.

Your Tile Taste & Choice

Homeowners have more options than ever before, creating endless possibilities for transforming kitchens and bathrooms with tile. But having choices only gets you halfway: the most important part of the process is choosing the right tile for the right space in a way that powerfully captures the mood and functionality you seek. So partner with Team Sweeney, our interior design experts poised to help you choose the right color, pattern, and texture — and install with confidence.

We’d love to guide you through our proprietary design build process that ensures transparency and accountability. For inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, check out some examples of the award-winning work we’ve done. A people-centered business since inception in 1954, we’re proud of the excellent reputation we’ve developed among our many satisfied clients, and can’t wait for you to become one of them! Click here to contact us, or call (608) 257-3034 today.