Our designers are always on the lookout for the latest in bathroom design. From spa-inspired materials to functional storage solutions, 2019 continues to prove that the bathroom is more than just a space where you get cleaned up. With the average person visiting the bathroom six times a day, it’s now more popular than ever to create a bathroom that is as comfortable and inviting as possible. We think these exciting design trends do just that.

1. Statement Walls

Take your bathroom walls from boring to bold. Make a statement with bright colors, fun patterns and unique materials, by installing large format wall tiles or a wood accent wall with live greenery. We especially love the idea of having a single statement wall using graphic wallpaper. This works really well for smaller bathrooms and is a great way to add visual interest to your bathroom that can be easily changed, if and when you’re ready to revert back to a more understated look.

2. Spa-Inspired Design

Unwind and relax in privacy and an atmosphere of comfort. It’s time to transform your bath from utilitarian to experiential. There are many fabulous design ideas that are spa-inspired to create a relaxing oasis right in your home—in particular, an oversized steam shower, aromatherapy, or a rain shower. Yes, please! Or, how about a large soaking tub with an integrated sound system where you can listen to your favorite calming music at the end of a hectic day. Even small touches like a crystal chandelier, heated towel racks or a built-in niche for candles can evoke the feeling of a luxurious day spa right in your home.

3. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities have taken some time to become trendy but they are dominating the vanity scene in 2019. The benefit? Their bottomless design not only makes your bathroom look bigger, but it also makes the floor easier to clean. They also provide plenty of open space underneath to accommodate a step stool or even a wheelchair. If you have your sights set on radiant-heat flooring, floating vanities maximize warmth where you stand.  

4. Storage Ledges

Attractive and highly practical, integrated storage shelves and ledges are becoming more popular in showers. The days of squeezing multiple shampoo bottles onto one tiny shelf are over.  From oversize shower niches to ledges and freestanding tubs, this design trend provides room for everything from soap to your ever-so-delicate wine glass.

5. Statement Mirrors

Like a piece of art, a statement mirror can add a lot of personality to your bathroom. From unique shapes to interesting materials, stunning mirrors will turn your bathroom space into something grand.

6. Wood Accents

Warm wood accents are trending in the bathroom and are a wonderful way to add style, sophistication and rich texture to your bathroom. Wood also offers a nice contrast to lighter neutrals and fine finishes, such as granite, marble, and various types of tile.

7. Unique Tile Shapes and Patterns

Tile continues to reinvent itself with manufacturers producing a stunning variety of styles, materials, and colors. We especially love the new wood-look tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT).  Unique shapes like hexagons or diamonds, oversize plank tiles and even 3D tile with raised surfaces are finding their way into newly designed bathrooms this year.

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