Our designers are always on the lookout for the latest in kitchen design. Here are six design trends that are sizzling in the kitchen this year. From bold statements to practical and functional design elements, there is sure to be something here that fits your kitchen design taste.













Smart Storage







Smart storage has taken America by storm, and it has found its way into the kitchen. While a cleaner kitchen seems to be somewhat of a paradox, that’s what this trend is aiming for, and we think it will continue through 2019. From appliance garages and blind pull-out shelves to custom utensil dividers and corner storage units, homeowners value smart storage solutions that declutter their countertops and make their kitchens easier to maintain.













Unique Hardware







Notice how the right accessories can make or break an outfit? Hardware can have a similar effect on the appearance of your kitchen. We are seeing a lot of pewter and gunmetal hardware and have noticed a trend away from matte black, brass and gold. Contrary to the clean, minimalistic style that Marie Kondo would generally approve of, we see a lot of unique hardware fixtures being used to make a bold statement—one that celebrates one’s sense of style and creativity. This is a fun trend, one that we expect to see a lot more of this year.













Colored Cabinets







Tired of boring white cabinets? You’re not the only one. Painted cabinets are a hot trend that is growing in popularity. Homeowners are selecting stylishly new and unique cabinetry colors, mostly deep or greyish blues and greens. Beautifully paired with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals, this mismatched kitchen decor trend catches the eye. Dual painted cabinets (think one color for the perimeter cabinets and another for the island) are also popular.













Mixed Materials







Similar to dual colored cabinetry, combining different types of finishes and textures side by side also creates a visually appealing, stunning contrast for the kitchen—homeowners are loving it! Materials like a glass-tile backsplash is paired with a rustic countertop. A dark soapstone countertop might be paired with a lighter cabinet and a beautiful white marble backsplash. If this design trend doesn’t appeal to your sense of style, you might consider opting for furniture accents that contrast with your finishes to produce a similar look—a beautiful yet flexible design option.