All of us at Sweeney Design Remodel believe remodeling — and life — is best when steeped in values. That’s why we’ve been a long-term supporter of SOAR, a terrific local organization founded in 1997 with the hope of improving the lives of individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness.

On October 8th, their Case Management Services moved into the Chase Bank Building at 4513 Milwaukee Street, and hosted a Grand Opening Party. Neighbors got to know them, and many of us at Sweeney cheered SOAR on and donated essential services for the event. 

“SOAR epitomizes everything we love about our Madison community,” beams Tim Sweeney, President and Project Developer. “Their mission to assist people in developing their capabilities, talents, and aspirations perfectly aligns with our own people-centered, values-driven culture.”

Sweeney Design Remodel has also been thrilled to assist in the remodeling of their new facility. Working with a talented designer, the team performed a design-build makeover, including a conference room addition, office space remodel, bathroom update to meet ADA specifications, and an extensive cosmetic update to the building.  

“We sincerely appreciate all that Sweeney does for us,” smiles Lalena F. Lampe, Executive Director of SOAR. “Tim and his incredible team bring their heartfelt warmth and enthusiasm to everything they do, and we’re so thankful for their support and contributions to our facilities.”

Take a look at the great work done by SOAR, and if you can, join your friends at Sweeney Design Remodel by volunteering some of your time and donating to this worthwhile Madison cause!