An In-House Crew Teamed with Experienced Skilled Trades

Ask homeowners about their personal remodeling experiences and you’re likely to get a wide range of responses. For every positive experience, there are apt to be several “less-than-perfect” tales of frustration, delays, miscommunication, mistakes and misunderstandings, not to mention spiraling costs and disappointing results.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The truth is that a satisfactory home renovation requires team effort and a well-choreographed performance so that the initial idea becomes reality. Moving through the stages of design to final construction involves knowledge, experience and commitment.

The ideal combination is a design-build contractor with experienced in-house staff as well as highly skilled trades as needed to ensure that each homeowner’s renovation is the fulfillment of a dream.

Advantages to Having Experienced In-House Staff

Building a team with the skills and personalities to work well together takes time and commitment. A company that has withstood the test of time, one that has built a reputation for performance, value honesty, quality and on-time delivery is your best assurance that a home remodel project will be one you’ll point to with pride.

Advantage #1

A cohesive in-house staff of highly experienced project developers, managers, estimators, designers and field personnel has the ability to plan, coordinate and complete a remodel project on time and within budget, and to move a project seamlessly from conception to completion.

The importance of a highly skilled estimator cannot be overstated. It is fundamental to a cohesive design plan that provides complete clarity from the beginning, and results from profound efficiency in using historical data—catalogs of vendor data, databases, commercial references and digests of actual project costs. 

Even with an experienced team, there will invariably be some problems that occur on the job site. The mark of a true professional is the ability to handle those problems and maintain forward progress at the same time, ensuring that quality does not suffer, that no shortcuts are taken and that the finished project will meet all customer specifications.

Advantage #2

A well-trained in-house staff has the knowledge and expertise to collaborate with qualified and experienced tradespeople. Early consultation with specialty contractors aids planning, pricing and materials selection, and reduces the potential for problems later on. Skilled tradespeople have a better ability to evaluate needs and estimate costs when they attend an initial walkthrough of the existing space.

This type of team approach ultimately leads to development of a finely-tuned timeline, and the best possible alignment of project scope and budget to conform to client expectations. It is another mark of expertise that is the result of dedication and commitment.

Attentive in-house staff members who build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with subcontractors and suppliers help build the company’s reputation by meeting the ultimate goal — that of satisfying clients.

Advantage #3

The benefit of an assigned Project Manager who acts as liaison between the field crew, client, subcontractors and vendors cannot be overlooked. An in-house “point person” will facilitate communication, coordinate schedules, address any issues that may occur, and provide needed continuity during the entire course of construction.

Advantages to Hiring Skilled Trades

The many facets of construction require specialized knowledge and a team of individuals or crews who can work together from the beginning to the end of each project. Mutual respect and trust are necessary. When construction professionals — including plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors and drywall specialists, not to mention finish carpenters, tile setters and numerous other specialty teams — can work together as a well-oiled team, the result can be considered a masterpiece.

A home renovation should satisfy three primary goals:

  • It should add value to the property;
  • It should correspond to the owners’ wishes and reflect their personal taste;
  • It should be completed to the highest standards of quality, on time and within budget.

A design-build firm that works with highly effective, knowledgeable, skilled contractors will provide the best assurance that those goals can be achieved.

Advantage #1

Experienced tradespeople possess highly unique skills. They often spend years in training, and must also pass stringent requirements for licensing. Not all trades must be licensed in all states, but a requirement for advanced training is not uncommon for advancement and higher-level competency in a specialty trade.

Advantage #2

Construction codes and requirements, rules and regulations exist on many levels, and they pertain equally to new construction and to remodeling projects. Work performed by some trades, notably plumbing and electrical installations, must be inspected by local authorities, and adherence to local and national standards can vary substantially from one locale to another. Restrictive zoning and homeowner association rules affect what may or may not be allowed in some neighborhoods.

Skilled tradespeople typically keep abreast of any local requirements that pertain to their craft. Hiring a professional pays dividends in terms of knowledge and performance.

Advantage #3

An associated benefit to working only with skilled professionals is that they take pride in their work, and they are “in the know” about best practices, new developments in their trades, the most effective techniques and any product improvements that become available. Certified employees must complete continuing education hours to maintain their certifications, keeping them up to date in the constantly evolving construction/remodeling industry.

Advantage #4

When clients work with a reputable and experienced design-build firm that has taken the time and effort to build ongoing relationships with skilled tradespeople, everyone reaps the benefits of the knowledge, experience, skills and commitment that permeate the culture. Building a team does not happen by chance; it requires continuous effort and dedication.

Advantage #5

Long-standing relationships with trades allow for easy transition into the in-house remodeling team. Skilled trades who are experts in their own fields are able to work with the production team to ensure that their individual work melds seamlessly with the work of others, and contributes to the excellence of the overall design. It is a scenario that allows everyone to be a winner!

Reasons to Work with a Professional Design-Build Team

Integrating an in-house team with a cadre of professionals who work well together is the ideal situation for any client who wants the best possible result. Any remodel project involves a host of variables; not all of them can be anticipated or dealt with in advance. But by combining the advantages of an in-house team with the flexibility and responsiveness of a supplementary team of experts in various fields, there is little that cannot be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The primary reason to entrust your remodeling project to a company with decades of experience is that the record speaks for itself. Remodeling with Sweeney Design Remodel at the helm of a project is the best way for Madison-area homeowners to achieve their dreams. Our staff understands that a two-way collaboration is vital. We also understand that you, as our client, expect a team of certified specialists on the job to ensure that your remodel is completed accurately, beautifully and delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We invite you to schedule a conversation to explore available options for your planned renovation, from pre-design through actual construction. Our four-step process will answer your questions, outline our procedures and help you understand how our team can help you realize your dreams for home improvement. We take it as a challenge to exceed your expectations, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to build reality from your dreams.

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