Sweeney’s Certificate of Warranty Coverage

Contractor will promptly transfer all material and equipment manufacturer warranties as authorized by the manufacturer to Owner upon request after completion of the Work and full payment to Contractor. Also, Contractor warrants that its workmanship will be free from defects for two years from the date of performance or conveyance of any part of the improved property, whichever comes first. Contractor warrants all labor, materials, and workmanship performed by its sub-contractors for one year from the date of completion. Due to factors beyond Contractor’s control, Contractor does not warranty concrete work against heaving, settling, scaling, spalling, dusting, or cracking of any kind. Specific product warranties may vary based on the manufacturer and will be provided as needed. Contractor promises to perform warranty work within sixty (60) days written notice from Owner during the warranty period. This warranty is Owner’s exclusive remedy against Contractor for defects in the Work. There are no other warranties provided by Remodeler, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. To be clear, it is also understood that Contractor is not responsible for; a) labor and materials not provided by Contractor or its subcontractors; b) ordinary use, normal wear and tear and weather, abuse, or improper maintenance of the Work; or c) shrinkage, cracking, or change in conditions of materials due to their inherent characteristics. This warranty shall terminate and be null and void upon the Owner’s conveyance or other transfer of the property upon which the Work is performed. A warranty claim made hereunder shall be submitted to the Contractor in writing at the address set forth in this Contract and to the attention of Finance. The written warranty claim shall include a written description of the warranty item including the location and pictures showing the service issue as well as the Owner’s current contact information. All written warranty claims will be responded to within ten (10) business days. Telephone warranty claims cannot be responded to until a claim is provided in writing.

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