Matt Fass


Taking after his dad, John Fass, Matt has been tearing things down and building things up as far back as he can remember—a true carpenter at heart. Matt started as a self-taught woodworker who has continued to refine his skills under the guidance and apprenticeship of Tim Sweeney and the experienced carpentry family, since 2006.

Fun fact: Matt’s dad, John, also used to be a Sweeney employee and the Fass’ used to live next door to the Sweeneys for about 10 years. They are very good friends.

Matt’s extensive remodeling experience and his passion for the trade leaves him nothing short of an excellent carpenter.

While Matt skillfully handles any remodeling project, he truly excels in kitchen remodels, meticulously setting cabinets and installing cabinetry moulding and trim. His favorite part? Showcasing the beauty and attributes of each custom kitchen remodel.   

In his off hours, Matt can still be found doing woodworking projects. He enjoys building his own furniture, from end tables to armoires.

Matt is an avid fan of the Brewers and the White Sox. He enjoys playing disc golf and is a passionate Minnesota Wild and badger hockey fan.

1008 Fish Hatchery Road
Madison WI, 53715

Phone: 608.257.3034